7 Reasons to Hire a Mobile Bar at your Next Event!

1. Convenient

Worth a Shot brings the party to you, literally! Mobile bars are a great option for outdoor get-togethers. No more renting out a crazy expensive venue with set menus and few options. Now you get to have your party wherever you want and make it exactly how you envision it!

The convenience that comes with our mobile bartending service is a good enough reason to book a spot, but it’s only one of many perks.

  1. Memorable

With the mobile bartending market just beginning to be tapped into, not many parties have had the opportunity to bring one in. Your guests will have a chance to experience an entirely new way to socialize and your event will most likely be their first experience with a mobile bar!

  1. Customizable

Worth a Shot mobile bar, can act as an accent piece or blend into the background. You can add your own decorations to the trailer to make it fit in nicely into your plans, or you can leave it as is, it works well with any theme.

  1. Fun Personal Touch

Decorations don’t have to be the only personal touch you add to your party. Our “Pour Decisions” drink menu is entirely customizable which gives you the opportunity to choose your own signature drinks. If you are planning your wedding maybe you’d like an “Apple-y Ever After Martini”, “Love Potion”, or maybe even a “Mint-to-Be Mojito” on the menu. Regardless of your drink choice, having the exceptional services that Worth a Shot delivers will make your event stand out and be remembered.

5. Expert Care

The experts know their drinks! Not only will you have the chance to try professionally crafted custom drinks, but you will also get to relax and enjoy yourself while we ensure everyone has a safe enjoyable night.

  1. Hassle Free

Planning an event can be very stressful. Trying to organize a hundred different things can be extremely overwhelming, time consuming, and frustrating. Worth a Shot takes the hassle out of organizing the drink aspect of your event. Although there are still 99 things to do, dealing with the bar won’t be one!

  1. New Experience

Worth a shot will make your party even better. A fully stocked bar with a consistent supply of delicious, ice cold, fresh drinks just makes sense. After a long two years of capacity restrictions and time spent alone at home, now is the perfect time to call up your friends and family and invite them to laugh, dance, and drink from their first mobile bar!

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